have you had a vision for a piece of art you'd love to hang in your home or gift to a friend? Then you are in the right place! commissioning a personalized painting or illustrated piece of art by jules is the best way to bring your vision to life and procure something that is absolutely original & one of a kind.


Has your wedding past but you want a painted represenation of your favorite scene? No worries! Jules can work from professional photos of your big day to create a beautiful painted representation of your desired scene in her style. She can even add elements, people and pets that weren't present!

This is true for any portrait style photo you'd like captured as a painting, from family photos to single person portraits.

Painting from Pictures

A commissioned piece of art starts with the client's vision, any applicable reference photos, and an in depth Discovery Call with Jules to work out the details. This inlcudes choosing a medium, acrylic, oil paint or even digital, choosing a canvas or print size, and discussing all of the details you want included. If you are unsure what you want, this Discovery Call will be a great opportunity to bring a vision to life with Jules' guidance!

Once the vision has been set, Jules will get to work on your piece. Please note that commissions are worked on in the order they are received, and based on Jules' project load they could take a few months to finish. If your commission is a gift or you are hoping to receive the final piece by a certain date, plan as many months in advance as possible. 

Please see Commission Considerations below to help you decide your desired mediums.


the process

How does it work?

Oil Paint is the best medium for rich colors and a timeless, classic look. It was used by the Old Masters after all! Oil paint translates beautifully for landscape and portrait paintings alike and will have a beautiful glossy finish. Oil paint can take weeks to dry, please consider this in your timeline.

Commission Considerations

Desired Medium

Below are some considerations to take into account for your commission

Acrylic paint is a quick drying medium and can be completely dry in a matter of minutes, which is why it is ideal for Live Painting. But it is also an excellent option for commissioned work! I use only the highest quality acrylic paint to achieve a similar richness that oil paint brings. 

Mixed Media

Mixed Media brings together multiple mediums to create a painting with extraordinary depth and layers. This could be the use of anything from acrylics, oils, pastels, print, gold leaf, clay and so much more! Creativity can really blossom in this option!

Oil Paint

Acrylic Paint

Digital illustrations are a great option for those looking for more of a design theme for wall art or are wanting a sweet family or pet portrait at a lower cost. I work in a program called Procreate to produce High Resolution illustrated works. I illustrate children's books as well! If this interests you, please be sure to specify in the commissions inquiry form!

Digital Illustration

Artwork size

One of the most exciting parts of envisioning a commission is choosing a size! The world is your oyster (as long as you have the wall space!). If you need help envisioning the right size for your space, I recommend using blue painter's tape to tape out the space you'd like to fill and then measuring that. Jules will be happy to give recommendations as well.

From a small gift, to a large masterpiece, lets make it happen!

For inspiration for your commission, be sure to check out my

Art can come in a multitude of complexities, which makes it tricky to price. Each client's vision for their commission is unique, which is why I will schedule a Discovery Call with you after I receive your inquiry to better understand your vision and provide you with an accurate quote. I price my work differently by mediums and sizes, and have listed starting prices below.

Mixed Media Paintings:
Sart at $1,200 for a 16x20in canvas

Oil Paintings:
Start at $450 for an 8x10in canvas

Acrylic Paintings:
Start at $350 for an 8x10in canvas

Illustrated Artwork:
Start at $250 for an 8x10in matted print

Investing in A commissioned piece of Art by Jules is investing in your unique vision and co-creating a piece of fine art to cherish for generations to come.


Prices will vary from the above as the canvas or print size increases. If you are looking for a smaller size than an 8x10in canvas, Jules will be happy to work with you, just specify in your inquiry form!

Start your Inquiry process!

Let's work together! If you have read all of the information above and would like to book me for your commission, please start the process by filling out the Commission Inquiry Form!

If you still have questions I am happy to answer them!


"Jules was the absolute best and we couldn't be happier with our wedding painting! It was amazing getting to watch our painting evolve over the day!"

-Ashley & MatThew

"Jules was such a delight to have at our wedding and was so talented!!! We are in LOVE with the painting that perfectly captured the essence of our special day. Jules brought an engaging and fun dimension to our special day that kept guests 'ooo-ing' and 'ahh-ing' throughout the day. We are so grateful to Jules! Highly Recommend!

-Jill W.

"I was completely blown away with how Jules captured our elopement ceremony in her painting! She was sweet and easy to communicate with, and her set-up was A simple and charming form of entertainment. eagles flew over our heads during the ceremony, a special detail that was unable to be captured in the photos. However, jules took the time to incorporate a soaring eagle into her painting and for that I am grateful! "

-Katie & eric

"Jules did an amazing job capturing what I wanted. Her work is incredible. If you want a one of a kind beautiful portrait of your special day, she's the way to go."

-Ariel C.

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