We The Reef

Dedicated Member

I am a dedicated member of the We The Reef program and a trusted supporter of Coral Gardeners. I donate a % of all sales to support their mission. 



Coral Gardeners is revolutionizing ocean conservation and creating a global movement to save the reef through coral reef restoration, awareness activities and innovative solutions.





We want the next generation to experience the ocean as we know it – to surf its waves, to dive with its creatures, and breathe the oxygen it produces. Coral reefs are the foundations of a healthy ocean, and it is only in coming together that we can save them.



We The Reef is creating a new way to do business for a bluer and better future where our actions above the surface help protect the ocean and what's below.



For as long as I can remember I have dreamed that I’d find a way to combine my art and creativity with my passion for environmental conservation. I want my artwork to evoke an appreciation for the natural world, and more so I want to give back to the planet that inspires me! That is why I am making the promise to donate 5% of my sales to the restoration and protection of our coral reefs, and to support the mission of the Coral Gardeners.